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Hello, I’m glad that you stopped by.

I turned 40 recently (December 2019). I started this blog in early 2012, when I was 32 years old. The original tagline for this blog was “Imperfect Life of a Perfectionist.” I wanted to write a blog that was real, relatable, and possibly even resourceful. I wanted to write about the topics that I’m passionate about: faith, marriage, parenting, and other life lessons. I’ve always been introspective, and I was very aware of my tendencies as a perfectionist. I wanted to write about my journey of learning to let go of my perfectionism and embracing my identity and purpose that God has for me.

That all sounds nice and clean. Since then, a lot more “life” happened. The journey from perfectionism to God-given purpose was anything but nice and clean. I discovered a lot more about myself than I ever expected to – and quite honestly, ever wanted to. In short, from the time I started this blog until now, I have been transitioning from my first half of life into my second half of life. Currently, I believe I am at the starting point of my second half of life…and it has nothing to do with the fact that I just turned 40. It’s all about – as Richard Rohr puts it – the “falling upward” that I started experiencing at 33. It has taken me a while to (somewhat) recover from the initial shock of the fall and to accept the process of this ironic “falling upward” phenomenon. Since then, God has been guiding me to become mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually “ready” to enter my second half of life.

As I stand at the starting gate of my second half, I came up with a new tagline for my blog:

Journey from my cover story to my whole story.

I will explain more of what I mean through my upcoming blog posts (from 2020 on…here is a good place to start). Thanks for joining me on the journey!

About Me


 One of the life aha moments I had a few years ago was when I discovered that I’m an Enneagram 2 (with a strong 1 wing). All this time, I thought my perfectionism was my biggest problem. Turns out it was my people-pleasing.

I’m a Saints fan. No, I’m not from New Orleans. But in 2013, I joined the Who Dat Nation and never looked back. I’m a Who Dat for life. For my 40th birthday, I took my first trip to NOLA with my girlfriends. It was as if I found a piece of my soul there.

I am a wife to an Enneagram 7 (with strong 8 wing). The nickname I have for him is Tigger. He makes me laugh, drives me crazy with all his bouncing, loves with all his heart…and I don’t ever want to do life without him.

I am a mom to four children. Three girls…then a boy. Each with very unique set of personalities. I know we’re not supposed to type others, but my guess for Child #1 would be Enneagram 1, and my guess (really, this is more of a certainty) for Child #2 would be Enneagram 9. The others – TBD. We parents all know we don’t have favorites. In my house, we also know who tickles my heart the most (#mamasboy).

As I shared above, I am transitioning into my second half of life. The sandcastle that I have spent most of the first half building is smashed. Richard Rohr used this metaphor: “a falling off of the very wagon that we constructed.” It was the hardest process I have ever experienced. But as I write these words today, as I open the door to my second half, I could not be more excited. The true adventure of discovering my whole story is beginning.

One more thing…really, it’s one more Person – Jesus. There were many days during my first half of life that I felt lost, but He has been my constant. My North Star, the anchor for my soul, my living water. My soul was thirsty and searching before I met Him. Since then, a lot of life happened – filled with many joys and sorrows – but my soul has never gone dry.  He loves me, and that is enough.  He is my Everything.

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