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7th Anniversary

Here is what my husband and I had to say about our 7 years of marriage together. We hope our children will enjoy watching this in the future. To view in HD, click on this link:   7th Anniversary Part 1 from Maria Parry on Vimeo. Continue Reading

Love Like His

We all enter marriage with an optimistic view. We enter with some sort of a sandcastle-type image of what our marriage will look like. In our vows, we exchange words such as “my best friend,” “my life’s companion,” “my true love,” and “together forever.”  When we’re standing at the altar, not many of us think… Continue Reading

Marriage and Disappointment

“For better or worse.” When we stand at the altar and make those vows, I wonder how many of us truly, TRULY understand the “[for] worse” part. I know I didn’t. The darkest time we faced in our marriage (to date) was the season of the café trials. Allan was a co-owner of a café,… Continue Reading

Marriage and Anger

I was a little irritated with my husband today. Actually, I was very irritated as I walked out the door to have my “alone time” at Starbucks to work on my blog. It all seems silly now, but it turned out to be a good reminder of how I should handle my anger, especially when… Continue Reading

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