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Unending Love

This is a true story. I thought it would be appropriate to share in honor of Father’s Day. You know that list almost every girl has, a list of all that we wish for in our future husband? When I first wrote that list (probably in high school), I had about 40 items on that… Continue Reading

Is This “The One”?

I’ve known that I wanted to address this topic at some point on my blog, but I wasn’t expecting to write this one so soon after launching the blog. Right now, a few of my close friends are meeting someone at a serious level, and I feel this sense of urgency to put all these… Continue Reading

Intro: Single and Waiting

“Someday my prince will come….” This thought occupied my mind all day and night for the majority of my childhood and teenage years. Looking back on it, I think I was obsessed. I was an only child, and my imagination was often advanced for my age. I also was lonely due to lack of a… Continue Reading

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