Happy Birthday Peanut

My One and Only Peanut,

Did five years really pass by already? What an adventure you and I have had. You let me know, from Day 1, that being your mother was going to be nothing like I had imagined for myself all these years. What’s more, you and I are like two very opposite notes trying hard to create a melody together. At first, it seemed like a very hopeless match. We both wanted to play the notes our way. You were very unwilling to follow my lead. I had to learn that I cannot force you to play the notes exactly the way I want. Yet one of us had to lead, and you have come so far in learning how to follow, so that you may one day lead. We’re starting to see…that you and I are actually a perfect match. We are learning the unique beauty of the notes each other has to offer. Together, we are creating a harmony that we could not have produced on our own. God is molding both of us through this journey that we share. I need you in order to become a better person, just as much as you need me.

Alisa Faith, you are one extraordinary girl. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you will impact the world for God. You have what it takes to be a powerful leader. I can see it in your eyes. I can sense it from your determination. I can feel it from your heart. You are incredibly smart, with such attention to details, and you have a natural appetite to lead. You truly have a caring heart, and you love to defend the defenseless. You desire justice and excellence in everything that you put your mind into. I look forward to having a front-row seat as I watch all of God’s plans unfold for your life.

Always remember, my little girl, that you have been given these gifts and qualities for a higher calling. They are not for your own honor and fame. You were created to shine God’s beauty – and you are beautiful, inside and out. This world will make you choose…and when it does, choose Jesus. Choose Jesus with all of your heart. He will never, ever, let you go. His love will always be enough. One day with Him will always be better than a thousand days elsewhere. My prayer for you, above all, is that you will continue to grow in your understanding of His love for you.

My Peanut-cakes, how much does Mommy love you? “To infinity and beyond.”



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