You are Loved

Dear My Chinese Daughter,

You are surrounded by so much love already.

On the day I posted our adoption announcement on Facebook, we received 138 “Likes” and 54 comments. I was blown away.

I began to connect with various community/support groups for families who have adopted from China. There is a huge group here in Jacksonville, where they celebrate Chinese festivities together and even offer Chinese language classes.  I imagine that you will make many friends through this group.

We had to obtain a child abuse clearance form from Puerto Rico, because Daddy lived there for a few years when he was in the Navy. Your Uncle Mark made the inquiry call in Spanish, obtained the form, and translated the form for Daddy. What a big help.

We need many, many forms notarized during this paperwork stage. Your Aunt Lianne is a notary, and she has been so helpful by being available to notarize our forms. I’m grateful for how much her presence is making this process easier for us.

What I’m trying to say most of all is that I see God’s hand at work in many different ways, and we have only just begun. God has a very special plan for your life, my little girl, and I’m thrilled to unfold all the chapters with you as you join our family. I’m excited for you to meet all the people who are joining us on this journey through their love, support, and prayers.

You are so loved. Never forget that. You are loved by our family and friends. You are loved by your sisters. You are loved by your Daddy and Mommy. Most importantly, you are loved by our God, who has an incredible story for you that He’s already beginning to reveal, long before we meet you face to face.

You are loved.



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  1. Yeah!! And you are loved all over the world already, little girl. VT sends tons of love from two sets of grandparents, Grammy Meg + Grumpy Mike and Nana and Bumpa, along with oh so many aunts, uncles, cousins….. all anxious to meet you. Your Mommy and Daddy have already stocked what I like to call our treasure chest of family, and you, my darling granddaughter will be yet another shining gem in a pile of sparkling jewels.
    You are already loved deeply, and it will only grow.

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