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Building Trust

Around 15 months of age, Peanut had mastered the not-so-beautiful art of whining. We knew her to have more of a “difficult” temperament by this time, but we still had not learned to fully engage in some of these issues as parents of a strong-willed child. When she turned two and we were still dealing… Continue Reading

One Thing

Higher than the mountains that I face Stronger than the power of the grave Constant through the trial and the change One thing remains One thing remains Your love never fails it never gives up it never runs out on me On and one and on and on it goes It overwhelms and satisfies my… Continue Reading

Finding Neutral Ground

My day with Peanut falls under one of the following three types: Battle Day: ‘Nuff said. Peace Day: These are days when everything opposite of Battle Day happens. She’s cooperative, doesn’t interfere with my plans, and keeps herself busy if I need her to. These are the days I dare to whisper (as I knock… Continue Reading

Intro: Strong-Willed Child

It’s very hard for me to communicate what it’s like to be a mother to my firstborn child (whom we affectionately call “Peanut”). She is so unique, and being her mother is unlike anything I’ve expected it to be. At the beginning, I would have said that it’s not a journey I would have chosen… Continue Reading

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