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7th Anniversary

Here is what my husband and I had to say about our 7 years of marriage together. We hope our children will enjoy watching this in the future. To view in HD, click on this link:   7th Anniversary Part 1 from Maria Parry on Vimeo. Continue Reading

Love Like His

We all enter marriage with an optimistic view. We enter with some sort of a sandcastle-type image of what our marriage will look like. In our vows, we exchange words such as “my best friend,” “my life’s companion,” “my true love,” and “together forever.”  When we’re standing at the altar, not many of us think… Continue Reading

Honor and Blessing

I want to express my thoughts very carefully today. I don’t want them to be misunderstood. So please keep an open mind and hear me out, and I will do my best to articulate my thoughts and my intentions as clearly as I possibly can. My husband and I have a blessed marriage. As I… Continue Reading

Heated Discussion

Sometimes I wonder if people think I’m sharing too much of my business on Facebook (or on this blog). It’s just that I have a big passion for “Keeping it real,” and I feel that there’s not enough of that going on, especially within the Christian community (read more on my intro here about that).… Continue Reading

Marriage and Finances

I’ve heard that finance can be a cause of tension in a marriage. I can honestly say that this has not been the case for us, for the most part. Just like in any other area, we have our differences when it comes to how we handle our money. We don’t agree on every financial… Continue Reading

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