Heart to Heart

Last night, as the girls were seating themselves at the dinner table, LittleBit looked over at Peanut, and in response, Peanut turned her head away and said, “I don’t want her to look at me.” Previous to this exchange, I had already warned Peanut that she must be kind and show a good attitude. When she did this, I sent her to her room. She was screaming and kicking in there for a while. While she was throwing her fit, a thought occurred to me (which I believe was from God): Perhaps another friend has done and said a similar thing to her? After Peanut had calmed down, I went into her room. Here was the conversation that took place:

Me: Do you know why you were sent to your room?
P: Yes, because I turned my head and said I didn’t want to look at LittleBit.
Me: That’s right, that was unkind. In OUR family, we do not treat each other this way. (Pause). Peanut, did a friend at school do the same thing to you?
P: (tears filling up her eyes). Yes. ______ does that to me all the time.
Me: (going over to hug her and cry with her). I’m so sorry that he does that. We will pray for him. We will pray that God will change his heart and he will stop doing that. Do you know what though? When he does that, you feel sad, right?
P: Yes.
Me: That’s exactly how LittleBit feels when you do that to her. It makes her sad. In OUR family, we always do our best to treat others with love and kindness.
P: Yes, Mommy.

It was one of those rare moments when I felt I was really able to connect with her heart. I pray that there are many more to come. I pray that I will cherish every one of them. I pray that God will continue to pour His wisdom. Through every precious moment like this, I pray that she will come to a deeper understanding of my love…but more importantly, of God’s great love for her.

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